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Deluchi, Octávio (2020) - Four Brazilian Pieces

Four Brazilian Pieces is a collection of arrangements, compositions and reelaborations finished on October 2020, as part of my Graduate Studies at Radford University, under Dr. Trent`s supervision. In four movements, traditional dances, genres and folk tunes are presented, developed for the solo guitar. Each movement is dedicated to a guitarist: Jéfrey Andrade, Gabriele Leite, Nicolas Porto Silva and Eduardo Guterres. Presented by Guitar Chamber Music Press as "Brazilian music at it's best.". 14 pages of score.

I - Tico-Tico Subiu a Serra 

II - Vila 

III - Caicó

IV - Grauça


Published on Guitar Chamber Music Press (c) 2020

Four Brazilian Pieces - Guitar Chamber Music Press

To buy, contact the composer (current website) or the publisher. Price: $13.00


Barbieri, Luis Carlos (2021) - Prelúdio e Dança nº 4


Prelúdio e Dança nº 4 was finished in May 2019 and premiered in Prados, Brazil two months later. In 2020, the piece was first performed in the United States. This great work by the Brazilian composer Luis Carlos Barbieri get its first edition in 2021, published by Acervo Digital do Violão Brasileiro (Brazilian Guitar Digital Archive), one of the most important venues and websites on the field in the entire country. The composition is a homage to Sergio Roberto de Oliveira, another composer from Rio de Janeiro who passed away in 2017 and a great friend of Barbieri. It has a introduction in Portuguese and English by Octávio Deluchi, revised by the composer, and with final art and cover by Ricardo Dias. 


Published on Acervo Digital do Violão Brasileiro

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