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Deluchi, Octávio (2020) - Four Brazilian Pieces

Four Brazilian Pieces is a collection of arrangements, compositions and reelaborations finished on October 2020, as part of my Graduate Studies at Radford University, under Dr. Trent`s supervision. In four movements, traditional dances, genres and folk tunes are presented, developed for the solo guitar. Each movement is dedicated to a guitarist: Jéfrey Andrade, Gabriele Leite, Nicolas Porto Silva and Eduardo Guterres. Presented by Guitar Chamber Music Press as "Brazilian music at it's best.". 14 pages of score.

I - Tico-Tico Subiu a Serra 

II - Vila 

III - Caicó

IV - Grauça


Published on Guitar Chamber Music Press (c) 2020

Four Brazilian Pieces - Guitar Chamber Music Press

To buy, contact the composer (current website) or the publisher. Price: $13.00