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Premieres by Jean LopesDiego Salvetti, Pedro Pascoali and Rafael Marino Arcaro to be determined. 

Solo and Chamber music premieres:

Sergio Assad (1962-) - Spanish Impressions

Asturiana - Valencianas - Andaluzia

World premiere of the new edition, performed at CUNY Graduate Center. 

Concert promoted by CLACLS and Brazilian Consulate, New York City (11/11/2022).

Premiere of the entire piece revised at Stony Brook, Assad concert (12/02/2022).

João Luiz (1979-) - MadrigAfro concertino for guitar and strings orchestra (2022)

North American Premiere with São Paulo Chamber Ensemble

Performed at Americas Society (NYC) (10/17/2022)

Luis Carlos Barbieri (1963-) - São João Del Rei (2022)

Written in 2022 and dedicated to. 

Performed in Prados, Tiradentes and São João Del Rei for Brazil 2022 tour. 

João Luiz (1979-) - Jequibau (2021-22)

Written in 2016 and published at Doberman editions

Recorded for AssoVio Vertentes - Festival Escrita Fina/Composição em Pauta (11/4/2021)

Performed at Stony Brook University (2/18/2022)

Juliano Camara (1988-) - Festejo Latinoamericano (2021)

Piece written in 2020, awarded with the first prize in the composition category at 5th Fidelio International Competition, in Madrid, Spain.

Recorded for AssoVio Vertentes - Festival Escrita Fina/Composição em Pauta (11/2/2021)

Performed at Odeon Guitar Series, NYC (11/5/2021)

Vicente Paschoal (1979-) - Sonata (2021)

Allegro non Troppo - Largo/Cantabile - Allegro con Brio

Premiere - First register. Recorded for Odeon Guitar Series

Two movements, in January 2021. 

I - Allegro non Troppo | II - Largo/Cantabile | III - Allegro con brio

Performed at Davis Performance Hall, Radford University (4/18/2021)

Terrance Shepherd (1989-) - Five Short Preludes (2021)

I - Mystique (solo guitar) | II - Whisper | III - Night Lullaby | IV - Serene Clouds | V - Sacred Serenade
Five short preludes for guitar solo and guitar and flute. (Kaithlyn Bragg - flute)

Performed at Davis Performance Hall, Radford University (3/11/2021)

Mary E. Simmons - Guitar Quartet #1 (2020)

Guitar Quartet - Octávio Deluchi, Anthony Del Grosso, Jack Bradbury and Evan Daniels

Performed at Davis Performance Hall, Radford University (11/2/2020)

João Luiz (1979-) - Prelúdio nº 4 (2020)

Recorded for Brazilian Classical Guitar Community (9/26/2020)

Released on September 26th. Piece written in 2018

Azariah Felton - Parts, Together (2020)

First live performance, with Radford University Guitar Ensemble, coordinated by Dr. Robert Trent

Comissioned by Twisted Spruce Foundation

Performed on September 23rd, 24th and 25th at Covington Center (Radford)

Program as part of the exhibition Leaves of the Trees (Radford University Art Department)



David Leisner (1953-) - Trittico (2020)*

*Brazilian Premiere - First performance of the work in Brazil (1/12/2020)

Octávio Deluchi, guitar; Rodrigo Frade, flute; and Ana Chinelato, cello

Luis Carlos Barbieri (1963-) - Prelúdio e Dança nº 4 (2019-2020)

Performed at Prados Music Festival in July 2019

Performed and recorded in the United States on 2020

Cleisson José (1996-) - Música sem Nome (2017)

Premiere - Live Performance

Performed in 2017 at Musica XXI concert season

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