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Festival de Musica de Prados - 2018/Currently -  Guest Artist and Musician
One of the most traditional music festivals in the country, Prados Music Festival happens every year during the winter, since the 70's. is promoted by USP (São Paulo University) in partnership with Lira Ceciliana. As guest professor and artist, Octávio Deluchi has been teaching and performing as soloist, with the orchestra, in duos, trios, quartets, and chamber music groups. The festival is currently organized by Fabio Brucoli, and was created by the maestros Olivier Toni (1926-2017) and Adhemar Campos Filho (1926-1997). Some of the names who took part since its first edition are Flavia Toni, Mauro Brucoli, Gustavo Fontes, Fabio Chamma, Silvio Ferraz, Paulo Castagna, Fabio Zanon, Edelton Gloeden, Willy Correa de Oliveira, Antonio Carrasqueira, Pedro Paulo Salles, and more. 
Link 1 - Link 2 - Link 3 Link 4 (Lira Ceciliana)

BCGC - Brazilian Classical Guitar Community - 2020/Currently - Coordinator
BCGC is an online collaborative platform developed and coordinated by Camilla Silva, Gabriele Leite,
Nicolas Porto Silva and Octávio Deluchi. Promotes, publish and premiere online projects conceiving Brazilian guitarists, scholars, performers and its music. With guest collaborators, is a project who bonds people during social distancing time. It has premiered new works for guitar by João Luiz and Vicente Paschoal, and published important collections of works, featuring more than 60 guitarists over the globe.
BCGC Official Page

Música Sem Nome Podcast - 2020/2021 - Co-Producer
Produced by Heloisa Carbonera and Octávio Deluchi, Música sem Nome podcast is on its second season, featuring guest musicians from different backgrounds and experiences. The targeted audience includes new musicians, amateurs and curious people regarding the field. Many different themes are addressed, such as Performance, Hermeneutics, Musical Critic, among others, in order to expand the musical discussion and create bridges between fields inside the music world. 
Musica Sem Nome Official Page

AssoVio Vertentes Guitar Association - 2016/2021 - Founder Member
AssoVio Vertentes, or Vertentes Guitar Association, was founded in 2016 in São João Del-Rei, Brazil, by Adailson Araujo, Jefrey Andrade, Octávio Deluchi and Rodolfo Mantovani. Currently, the group has Jean Gomes and Marcelo Azevedo as board members as well. It promotes guitar and related matters in the Vertentes region in Minas Gerais. The biggest event is the Circuito de Violão das Vertentes (Vertentes Guitar Festival), heading towards to its fifth edition in 2022. AssoVio Vertentes also promotes every two years the AssoVio Vertentes National Guitar Competition, attracting competitors from all regions over Brasil. Some of the featured artists featured since its foundation (online or in-person events, on 2020 season) include names such as Duo Siqueira-Lima (Fernando Lima & Cecília Siqueira), Marco Pereira, Gilson Antunes, Duo a Zero (Alexandre Gismonti & Jean Charnaux), Duo Vincens-Maciel (Guilherme Vincens & Michel Maciel), Paulo Inda, Duo Reis-Barbeitas (Carla Reis & Flavio Barbeitas), Moacyr Teixeira Neto, Marcelo Fernandes, Gabriele Leite, Sidney Molina, Thiago Colombo, Renato Serrano, Orlando Fraga, Waldir Jr., Eduardo Meirinhos, Luciano Cesar Morais, Daniel Wolff, Cristina Tourinho, among others.
AssoVio Vertentes Facebook Page

Southwest Virginia Classical Guitar Society - 2020/2021 - President
Southwest Virginia Classical Guitar Society is a Club under Radford University.  Octávio Deluchi was the president of the club from 2020 to 2021. The group promotes guitar concerts and activities at Radford University,. The biggest event in the calendar is the Radford International Guitar Festival, supported by the club, through grants.

GTA at Radford University - 2019/2021 - Graduate Teaching Assistant
Graduate Teaching Assistant at Radford University, under the guidance of Dr. Robert Trent. With a two-year duration, of the entire Master's degree program, he also holds the Dr. Robert S. Trent Endowed Classical Scholarship and Program Fund. and was nominated for the Foundation Awards Recipient.

ISAC - 2020/2021 - Event Coordinator
ISAC stands for International Student Affairs Council, a student organization at Radford University. The institutions is in charge for the connectivity, welfare and settlement of new international students at Radford University within New River Valley region. Promotes the RU International podcast, with international students and local people, addressing the concerns to the relationship and experiences as international community.
RU International Official Page - Podcast

Prados Online - 2019/2020 - Columnist
From January 2019 to December 2020, Deluchi wrote as columnist for Prados Online website, one of the most relevant and accessed news portal in the Vertentes region. Writing about music, concerts, cultural environment and artistic exhibitions in the regions, was the only space addressed specifically for the matter in all the newspapers of the Vertentes region during that time.
Prados Online Column

Domingo na Lira - 2018/2019 - Producer and Coordinator
Domingo na Lira was a concert music series promoted and coordinated by Octávio Deluchi in Prados, in partnership with the institution Lira Ceciliana. With 19 concerts between April 2018 and July 2019, offered free solo and chamber music concerts, through partnerships with other institutions and events. Some of the highlights were the last concert from "Flautas Gerais" festival, with Tadeu Coelho, Antonio Carlos Guimaraes, and more, and concerts with Paulo Eduardo (saxophone), Rodrigo Frade (flute), Mariana Jelen (viola), Duo Vincens-Vanucci (guitar-voice), Trio Clan (violin-cello-piano), and an EP and CD release with Duo Aduar.
2018 season article - Domingo na Lira

ALICE / O Chaos das 5 - 2018/2019 - Scholarship / Music Director
ALICE - ​Arts Lab in Interfaces, Computers, and Everything Else - is a research group lead and coordinated by Dr. Flavio Schiavoni under the Computer Science department at UFSJ ​ (Universidade Federal de São João Del-Rei). Some of the interests include artistic research, new technologies, ubiquitous music, and shows. In partnership with GTrans group, lead by Dr. Adilson Siqueira, resulted in the "5 O'Clock Chaos", a performatic event including music, technology, political issues, and visual arts. The show was awarded in different grants, and toured in cities such as Sao Paulo (USP - Sons de Silicio exhibition), Belo Horizonte (SAD - Digital Arts Seminar), São João del Rei, among other places. Deluchi was the musical director of the show, under guidance of Dr. Flavio Schiavoni, Dr. Adilson Siqueira and Dr. Rogerio Constante. The project resulted in academic research and articles as well.
ALICE Website

Violāo Na Lira - 2017/2019 - Professor and Coordinator
Violão na Lira (Guitar at Lira) was a pedagogical project held in Prados, at Lira Ceciliana Institution. It consisted of group and individual guitar classes, available and free for the outside community. It started in 2017 under the guidance of professor Vladmir Agostini (UFSJ), as an internship project. In the following two years, the project detached from the undergraduate course and took an independent one. On its peak, it had roughly 30 students, between solo and group classes. Coordinated by Octavio Deluchi and with Aires Starling (2018-2019) as collaborative professor.

Música Viva - 2015/2018 - Guitar Instructor
Under the guidance of professor Vladmir Agostini, Música Viva was a project at UFSJ operating together with the Psychology department and the town hall of Santa Cruz de Minas. The project provided a guitar ensemble, string orchestra and a choral for the city, targeting kids and teenagers under social adverse conditions. Through a social-musical project, the aim was to change the environment of those children, in order to provide them more opportunities and access to education. 

UCA - Ukinha - 2013/2015 - Music Instructor
Being a tradition over the entire country, virtually every city in Brazil has some samba percussion groups organized for exclusive carnival purposes. From 2013 to 2015, Deluchi lead and coached  "Ukinha", the teenage version of UCA, one of the most traditional groups in the region, founded in 1962. Starting with the age of 8 up until 18, it featured roughly 50 members, performing different percussion instruments together, such as bumbotaroltamborimcaixarepinique, and more. 


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