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A multi-talented artist, guitarist, composer, arranger, and community organizer, Octávio Deluchi is considered one of the most prominent guitarists of the young generation. A native of Brazil's historical region of Minas Gerais, he encountered music at an early age. Deluchi is recognized as a very creative and dynamic performer, and he captured the spotlight with a solo debut at Carnegie Hall at the age of 24. Referred as one of the most important names in this scenario, (...) emerges as one of the greatest talents of Brazilian guitar today (O Tempo), and hailed as one of the most active and brilliant soloists of his generation (Acervo Digital do Violão Brasileiro) by the specialized press, Deluchi’s accolades includes over 15 prizes from prestigious competitions such as the IBLA Grand Prize, Souza Lima Guitar Competition, Charlottesville Guitar Competition, Philadelphia International Music Festival Concerto Competition, Musicalis Lima Guitar Competition, Foundation Awards, among others.

For 2024, Octávio has been rediscovering and fully immersing in his South American roots. Becoming a champion of the Brazilian repertoire, he has a series of commercial releases in 2024 featuring both historical composers such as Augustin Barrios and Dilermando Reis, as well new prominent young names like Vicente Paschoal.  Previous releases, available on streaming platforms, showcase his remarkable aptitude across a wide range of styles, from the 19th century to recent collaborations with young composers.

Octávio’s trajectory demonstrates a profound interest in bringing his rich cultural background to the stage and the center of his playing. Besides the emphasis on the South American and Hispanic culture, and the research for underrepresented repertoire, he is an advocate of fostering collaboration between composers, interpreters, and other arts. He has had the honor of premiering, collaborating, or commissioning works by composers such as Sergio Assad, Vicente Paschoal, João Luiz, Luis Carlos Barbieri, Terrence Shepherd, Megan Deslinger, Mary Simmons, to name a few. His appearances have taken him to New York, Philadelphia, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Vitória, and Belo Horizonte, with this repertoire. Octávio has been featured as a guest artist at Dizzy's Club at Lincoln Center, Composer's Now, Americas Society/Council of Americas, BNDES, and Odeon Guitar Series in New York City, as well as in prominent music festivals both nationally and internationally.


As a chamber player, Deluchi collaborates with a wide array of artists, from percussionist Eduardo Leandro and harpsichordist Arthur Haas as part of Stony Brook University ensembles to musicians such as Emmanuele Baldini, Andre Bachur, Matthew Torpe, Fabio Brucoli, Peter Pas, Pedro Visockas, Marco Catto, William Neres, Weiting Sun, Rodrigo Frade, Haruna Furukawa, Kimberly Kang, Rosana Diniz, Pedro Gadelha, Gustavo Fontes, Michael Celentano, Luca Raele, and Guido Campos, among others. As a member of the João Luiz Guitar Quartet, his 2024 season includes engagements in the US, Colombia, and Europe. In Brazil, he collaborates regularly with soprano Janaina Lemos, with an active concert schedule in many festivals around the country. His desire to experience a rich cultural scene brought him to New York in 2021. 


Upon his arrival in New York, Octávio has connected with dierent musicians and artists to build community and develop projects that demonstrate his passion for music and his commitment to diversity and inclusion. For 2024, he has been developing SERTÃO, an art collective based in the NYC and metropolitan area that fosters and promotes artists with Hispanic and Brazilian roots. In Brazil, he is the music curator for the 2024 season at Centro Cultural Yves Alves, the main concert/cultural hall in the historical city of Tiradentes. Other seasonal projects and commitments are Mostra De Violão da Lira Ceciliana, a guitar festival in Prados (Brazil) which is currently on its fifth edition, and Violão na Lira, a guitar pedagogy project that serves the local community. During the social distancing time and in collaboration with other colleagues, Octávio created BCGC - Brazilian Classical Guitar Community, which he served as a coordinator, working alongside fellow guitarists to promote and develop online projects that celebrate Brazilian music, its performers and composers. BCGC featured more than 80 musicians in different parts of the globe over its two years of activity. Between 2016 and 2019, he served as a founder member of AssoVio Vertentes, a guitar association that promoted concerts, masterclasses, competitions, festivals and workshops, in Minas Gerais state. Some of the artists that worked with AssoVio Vertentes were Duo Siqueira-Lima, Marco Pereira, Paulo Inda, among many more. 

Important names to Deluchi’s formation are Guilherme Vincens, João Luiz, Robert Trent, Paulo Martelli, Fábio Zanon, Vladmir Agostini, and Ian Guest. He pursued his education at Universidade Federal de São João Del Rei (UFSJ) in Brazil, Radford University (RU) in Virginia, and is currently a doctoral candidate at Stony Brook University. As an educator, he has maintained a private studio since 2014 and has been teaching for more than ten years. His instructional expertise extends to Ezra Guitar in New York City, the undergraduate degree programs at Stony Brook University and Radford University. Octávio Deluchi is endorsed by two internationally acclaimed brands: Augustine Strings and CrossRock Cases.

Octávio's other interests include painting and photography–some of the covers of his arrangements and compositions published in the U.S. feature his own paintings. The love for photography came with the desire to register daily life and its narratives, showing how meaning is attached to a certain place. Worth mentioning is Octávio’s study of the psychology of performance and how mind and body work in such a context. He is passionate about topics such as the ow and the optimal experience of the mind, and tries to apply these concepts daily hoping for a positive impact on his performances and life more broadly.


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