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Originally from the countryside of Brazil, from a historical region in Minas Gerais, Octávio Deluchi was born in São João Del Rei and grew up in Prados, where he had his first steps in the music world. With a very diverse experience and an informal environment during his first years, Deluchi experienced popular music, electric guitar, rock bands, local music festivals, brass instruments, and even escolas de samba, but it was the classical guitar that he chose to pursue as his path as a professional musician. With a broader interest than the exclusive role of playing, it is around the six-string instrument that he develops his work as an artist, musician, educator, and arts administrator.


As a performer, Octávio Deluchi had his solo debut at Carnegie Hall at the age of 24. He is praised as one of the most active and brilliant soloists from his generation (Acervo Digital do Violão Brasileiro) by the specialized press and he is the recipient of more than 15 prizes, such as the IBLA Grand Prize (ITA-EUA), Philadelphia International Music Festival Concerto Competition (EUA), Souza Lima Guitar Competition (BRA), Foundations Award Recipient (RU-USA), Distinguished Travel Award (SBU/GSO-USA), to name a few. As a direction in his career, his interest in the collaboration between composer and interpreter lead him to be a strong advocate for new music, having premiered or commissioned works by Sergio Assad, Vicente Paschoal, João Luiz, David Leisner, Luis Carlos Barbieri, Terrence Shepherd, Megan Deslinger, Mary Simmons, and others. As a composer, arranger, or editor himself, his works are published by Guitar Chamber Music Press in the United States and by Acervo Digital do Violão Brasileiro, in Brazil.


His first single was released in July 2023 and will be followed by other projects and recordings scheduled, featuring active and young composers, Latin American music, and 19th-century music for guitar. Octávio is an active performer in Brazil and the United States, touring frequently in those places. He has performed in New York City, Philadelphia, Little Rock, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Vitória, and Belo Horizonte, and was featured as a guest at events such as Dizzy's Club at Lincoln Center (NYC), Composer's Now (NYC), Americas Society/Council of Americas (NYC); Odeon Guitar Series (NYC); Starry Nights (NY); Guitar by Masters (USA); VMEA (USA); Musik Expedition International Music Festival; Inverno Cultural de São João Del Rei(MG-BRA); IFCE Ciclo Violonístico (CE-BRA); Festival Internacional de Violão do Espírito Santo (ES-BRA); BNDES Quartas Instrumentais (RJ). Deluchi is a guest artist and resident professor at Festival de Música de Prados since 2018 and directs the guitar festival Mostra De Violão da Lira Ceciliana. 


Chamber music is one of Octávio’s greatest passions. He performs and collaborates with a wide variety of artists, from Eduardo Leandro (percussion) and Arthur Haas (Harpsichord), as part of Stony Brook appointments, to names such as Emmanuele Baldini (violin), Matthew Torpe, Fabio Brucoli, Peter Pas (viola), Pedro Visockas, Marco Catto, William Neres (cello), Weiting Sun, Rodrigo Frade (flute), Guilherme Andreas, Haruna Furukawa, Kimberly Kang (Harpschord), Rosana Diniz (piano), Pedro Gadelha (double bass), Gustavo Fontes, Michael Celentano (voice), Luca Raele (clarinet), Guido Campos, just to name a few. He was also featured as a member of a guitar quartet with João Luiz, Gabriele Leite, and Eduardo Guterres, with concert appearances scheduled in different places, such as CUNY Graduate Center, Long Island International Guitar Festival, Schoolcraft College, and Lincoln Center’s Sonic Festival.


Other projects include BCGC - Brazilian Classical Guitar Community, alongside Camilla Silva, Nicolas Porto Silva, and Gabriele Leite, Deluchi is a coordinator, promoting and developing online projects featuring Brazilian music. He is a founder member of AssoVio Vertentes - Vertentes Guitar Association, coordinates and Violão na Lira project, in Minas Gerais.


​Important names in his development as a musician and guitar player are Guilherme Vincens, João Luiz, Robert Trent, Paulo Martelli, and Fabio Zanon. Octávio studied at Universidade Federal de São João Del Rei (MG-BRA), Radford University (RU-VA), and is currently a doctoral student at Stony Brook University (SUNY-USA) in the studio of João Luiz. For two consecutive years, he was the recipient of the Dr. Robert S. Trent Endowed Classical Scholarship and Program Fund, at Radford University (VA). As a music educator and guitar instructor, Octávio has had his private studio since 2014. In addition, he teaches at Ezra Guitar (New York City) and coaches chamber music in the Undergraduate Degree program at Stony Brook University. Octávio is an Augustine Strings ambassador and a CrossRock artist, using Augustine Imperials and CrossRock Cases.

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