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An Augustine Ambassador and CrossRock Artist, Octávio Deluchi debuted at Carnegie Hall at 24, and emerges as one of the greatest talents of the Brazilian guitar today (O Tempo). He is praised as one of the most active and brilliant soloists from his generation (Acervo Digital do Violão Brasileiro) by the specialized press and he is a recipient of more than 15 prizes in different levels, such as IBLA Grand Prize (ITA-EUA), Philadelphia International Music Festival Concerto Competition (EUA), Souza Lima Guitar Competition (BRA), Foundations Award Recipient (RU-USA), Distinguished Travel Award (SBU/GSO-USA), to name a few.  Active as a performer, producer, editor, arranger and composer, Octávio is a strong advocate for new music, having premiered works by Sergio Assad, Vicente Paschoal, João Luiz Rezende, Juliano Camara, David Leisner, Luis Carlos Barbieri, Cleisson José, Terrance Shepherd, Megan Deslinger, Mary Simmons, and others. As a composer, arranger, and editor, his works are published by Guitar Chamber Music Press in the United States and by Acervo Digital do Violão Brasileiro, in Brazil.

Deluchi has performed in cities like New York City, Philadelphia, Little Rock, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Vitória and Belo Horizonte, being featured in different venues and events, such as Composer's Now (NYC), Americas Society/Council of Americas (NYC); Odeon Guitar Series (NYC); Starry Nights (NY); Guitar by Masters (USA); VMEA (USA); Musik Expedition International Music Festival; Sao Joao del Rei's Inverno Cultural (MG-BRA); IFCE Ciclo Violonístico (CE-BRA); Festival Internacional de Violão do Espírito Santo (ES-BRA); BNDES Quartas Instrumentais (RJ); and more. He is often is a guest artist and jury member in Brazilian festivals and guitar competitions and he approved projects in different grants in Brazil, like SESI-FIEMG, BNDES and Secult-MG. He performed with names such as Emmanuele Baldini, Tania León, João Luiz, Luca Raele, Peter Pas, Pedro Gadelha, Matthew Torpe, Guilherme Vincens, Heloisa Meirelles, Robert Trent, Pedro Visockas, Silvio Catto, Eduardo Guterres, Gabriele Leite, Haruna Furukawa, Michael Celentano, Kimberly Kang, Rosana Diniz, Fabio Chamma, Gustavo Fontes, Rafael Ávila, Felipe Oliveira, Nora Spielman, Nate Hurvard, Geraldo Neto, Rodrigo Frade, Ana Chinelato, William Neres, Andre Bachur, Guilherme Andreas, Romulo Viana, Gabriel Preusse, Adhemar Campos Neto, Guido Campos, Rosberg Patrocínio, and more. He shared the stage with Phil Setzer (Emerson String Quartet), Colin Carr, and he performed with the Stony Brook Baroque Ensemble (NY) for two seasons, directed by Arthur Haas. 

Highlights from the 2022 season included the IBLA Grand Prize US Tour, with the Carnegie Hall Debut; Villa-Lobos' Guitar Concerto with the Prados Music Festival Orchestra (Brazil); North American premiere of João Luiz' MadrigAfro Guitar Concertino with São Paulo Chamber Soloists at Americas Society (New York City), and Violão: An Homage to Sergio Assad, promoted by CLACLS and the Brazilian General Consulate in NYC with João Luiz, Gabriele Leite, and Eduardo Guterres. 

Since 2018, Octávio is a guest artist and resident professor at Prados Music Festival, one of the most traditional ones in Brazil. ​He is a BCGC coordinator - Brazilian Classical Guitar Community, a founder member and current collaborator for AssoVio Vertentes - Vertentes Guitar Association, and coordinator of Domingo na Lira concert series and Violão na Lira project, both in Prados, Minas Gerais. He was co-producer of Musica sem Nome podcast (2020-2021), and music director of 5 'Clock Chaos (UFSJ/GTrans/ALICE/EcoLab),  touring with the show in different capitals. 

​Important names in his development as a musician and guitar player are Guilherme Vincens, João Luiz, Robert Trent, Paulo Martelli, Fabio Zanon, Vladmir Agostini, and Ian Guest. Octávio studied at UFSJ (BRA), Radford University (RU-VA), and is currently a doctoral student (DMA) at Stony Brook University (SBU). He is an Augustine Ambassador, using Augustine Regal Red, and a CrossRock Artist, using CrossRock guitar cases. For two consecutive years, he was the recipient of Dr. Robert S. Trent Endowed Classical Scholarship and Program Fund, at Radford University (VA).

As a music educator and guitar professor, Octávio have his own private studio since 2014, currently teaches at Ezra Guitar (New York City), and coaches chamber music in the Undergraduate Degree at Stony Brook University (SUNY). More recently, with a concert preparation focus, some of his students were successfully approved in auditions in Brazil. For two consecutive years, he was the Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) at Radford University (VA), working with undergraduate students at the same institution. From 2017 to 2019, Octávio was the coordinator of Violão na Lira program, a project with roughly 30 guitar students distributed in two ensembles, with group and individual lessons. The groups actively performed on different occasions, working with a concert music repertoire and with exclusive arrangements for three and four guitars. Between 2015 and 2018, Octávio was supervised by Vladmir Cerqueira, working in different cities on Minas Gerais and as a guitar instructor at the Musica Viva project. Some of the projects and activities related to popular music that he took part include samba percussion groups, rock music as electric guitarist and Brazilian popular music accompanying singers.



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