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Octávio Deluchi (b. 1997) - Two Pieces for Solo Guitar (2022)

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Estudo no 1 (Etude No. 1) and Pequena Valsa are short pieces written in a very close time to each other. In addition, both works present a similar purpose: short solo guitar pieces, palatable for the listening but featuring the new music taste. The works were commissioned by Ivete Cerqueira Moura and Humberto Amorim, respectively. A common characteristic shared by these pieces is the nostalgic feeling of the melodic lines. Brazilian music can be many times, cheerful, fast, and rhythmic, and still represent and illustrate some sort of sadness, longing, nostalgia, and mixed remorseful feelings about something or someone. 3 pages of score.

I - Pequena Valsa (Short Waltz)

II - Estudo nº 1 (Etude nº 1)


Published on Guitar Chamber Music Press (c) 2020

Two Pieces - Guitar Chamber Music Press

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